‘Sumudu Saman, who goes by the nickname ‘Pinthu” is the founder of Deep Jungle. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka, while being a true wanderer of the world, seeking knowledge. This has given him the opportunity to ‘observe the nuances of the tourism from around the world, looking for sustainable solutions to uplift Tourism in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, through this global exposure, he has ‘acquired ample knowledge on the blooming festival culture from around the world, and this knowledge would be the backbone of the success of Deep Jungle 2022.
As tradition, ‘Deep Jungle 2022″ will be a collaborative effort from a team of enthusiastic ‘and dedicated individuals. These individuals come from different backgrounds and bring different skil sets also with many years of experience in Tourism Industry. Yet music brings them all together because music has no boundaries. All these talented individuals are given the chance to take upchallenges during their tenure with Deep Jungle.
Taking the Sri Lankan Festival culture to the international level, we have planned to incorporate foreign volunteers for the festival. This will enable these volunteers to experience the authentic Sri Lankan culture, while actively participating in it. This will also give us a wider perspective on making the festival a major tourist attraction, which would have a direct impact on the current economic crisis in the country.