We are expecting to partner with reputable organizations, Individuals, and companies to promote our upcoming event and our brand name.

By partnering with us, Sponsors will have access to our exclusive events, and sponsors will have the opportunity to promote their brand names and products during the events. We ore building a platform to promote their brands and products to an international audi— ence.


Sponsorship Benefits

  • Be a Part of one of the Most Innovative Festivals in Sri Lanka and Asia, have the Opportunity to Directly Promote their Brands or Products to the audience.
  • Branding at the venue plus customized branding opportunities. Exposure to on Audience of over 100,000+ Through Other Forms of media. Product Sampling Opportunities.
  • Association with merchandise designed for the Event. Participate in a full Communication Promotional campaign.
  • Sponsors will get a Selected event area in the festival ground if they wish to host a stall. Magazine editorials
  • 100 sponsorship Flogs will be displayed beside the road at event location for a distance of 4 km. Photobooth at the Festival with sponsor logos